The UKs newest ASL TOuRNAMENT ESTD 2018

Bounding Fire Blackpool is a new UK ASL event where the main tournament will be played using unpublished scenarios.....


About Bounding Fire Blackpool

The Game You Love...


If you are on this website you will likely already know that ASL has been going strong for over 30 years and remains the premier tactical level World War Two wargame. 

Find out more by visiting Multi-Man Publishing:-

Unpublished Scenarios...


In a major change for the UK ASL scene the main tournament will be played using unpublished, fully play tested, scenarios provided by main tournament sponsor Bounding Fire Productions. 

BFP have been a strong supporter of the ASL scene for many years and we gratefully acknowledge their support of this event. 

Further information on BFP and their products is available on their website:-

Ideal Venue...


Regular visitors to the existing Blackpool tournament, Heroes, will know our welcoming host Charles and his staff. 

Now relocated to The Headlands Hotel, this venue offers a large gaming area with separate restaurant and bar. 

Full details including room prices are on the Venue Info. page:-

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Bounding First Fire Blackpool

Headlands Hotel, 611-613 New South Promenade, Blackpool, England FY4 1NJ, United Kingdom