We are delighted to confirm that Battleschool have again agreed to sponsor the Minis this year

The Minis will be run principally on Thursday but will also be available on Friday and over the weekend for those who are unable to take part in the main tournament. In keeping with the central theme of Bounding Fire, and following participant feedback, the Minis will this year be blind with the scenarios handed out on the day of play - in the case of the Minis all the scenarios are already published. There will be the standard choice of 3 scenarios to chose from over 2 rounds, 4 competitors, straight knock out. Whilst the scenarios will be unknown, the themes are detailed below. 

Round 1 will run 9 - 3 and Round 2 4 - 10 (or for Round 2 only finishing later by mutual agreement between the players)

In addition Pete Phillips will be running a separate "Intensive Fire 25" Mini, playing a single scenario in each round, and again details are below.   

I will post a couple of weeks before BFB details of what boards, overlays, counters etc. will be required.

In the meantime if you wish to play in the Minis please drop a line with details of which one(s) you would like to play and on what day(s) to

Mini prizes are provided by Battleschool with images at the bottom of this page

Mini 1 - D-Day 75 and The Battle for France

Scenarios 6th June - 31st August 1944 marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day and subsequent battles in North West Europe 

Mini 2 - PTO

Scenarios 1931 - September 1945 covering the War in the Far East

Mini 3 - War in The East

Scenarios 1st September 1939 - 8th May 1945 covering the ETO Eastern war up to The Battle of Berlin

Mini 4 - Rules Lucky Dip

A mix of everything for those who like their ASL a bit more left field. Likely, but not necessarily, from Chapter E, details of the specific rules required for play will be uploaded here a couple of weeks before BFB

Special Mini - Intensive Fire 25

November 2019 would have marked the 25th Anniversary of Intensive Fire. 21st November is also Pete's birthday (how old?)

To mark the occasion Pete will be running a "commemorative" Mini which will have a single scenario in each round. The Mini will be blind with the scenario handed out at the start of play. 

As well as a trophy and Battleschool prize there is also rumour of a cake for the winner.....



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