The Minis

These will initially be run on Thursday, groups of 4, 2 rounds, straight knock out.

Weekend Minis

For those unable to participate in the main tournament, the Minis will continue to be run through both Friday and Saturday. This is an opportunity for those players perhaps only able to attend for a day or two to get in some competitive play.


The Minis will be of traditional format with 3 scenarios per round available. These will generally be shorter for the morning sessions with longer games for Round 2 in the afternoon.

Monster Minis!

For those players unable to participate in the main tournament but wanting to play some more substantive scenarios. Both rounds will feature larger games with these Minis scheduled to run a day and a half.

The Mini Themes are as follows. Details of the scenarios and scans are now available below.

Blitzkrieg in The East 1941 - 1942

Order 227 Not One Step Back

Ayo Gurkhali!

Overpaid, Oversexed and Over Here


Mussolini's Legions

Blitzkrieg in the West

Bushido - Way of The Warrior

And for the Monster Minis


Kursk 75th Anniversary

The Prizes

We thank Battleschool for the donation of prizes from their BattleDice ranges. 

Battleschool are also offering a 25% one-time discount off the regular price of all BattleDice / Backgammon Dice for all pre-registered attendees valid through to 31st December 2018 so register early to take advantage of this offer.

Full details of BattleSchool products are available via their website:-



Drop us a line....

If you would like to participate in the Minis it would help the tournament organisers schedule play for a prompt start if you could drop us an email to the address below. Please indicate any preference for theme and when you would like to play - Thursday (principle Mini day), Friday / Saturday (if you aren't playing in the main tourney) or either of the Monsters.

Scenario listings (roar as at 30/09/2018)

Blitzkrieg in The East 1941 - 1942


MM-28 SonderKommando Benesch (R4, G3)

ESG-42 Battle at Borodino (R2, G5)

SP-274 Balloons, Cakes and Ponies (R4, G9)


ASL-126 Commando Schenke (R58, G66)

AP-42 Frontiers and Pioneers (R56, G40)

SP-194 Requiem For a Dreadnought (R21, G22)

Order 227 Not One Step Back


ESG-18 Exceeding Expectations (R4, Romanian 4)

DB-54 Soldiers of the 62nd Army (R20, G14)

RB-6 Turned Away (R120, G97)


VotG-14 Pavlov's House (R44, G36)

DB-53 Hamburg on The Lovat (R13, G19)

SP-156 A Siege of Their Own (R8, G13)

Ayo Gurkhali!


SP-65 Ayo Gurkhlai! (G25, J33)

SP-125 Nunshigum (G43, J52)

SP-242 Ciao Ghurkha Ciao! (G6, Italian 11)


SP-95 Burn Ghurkha Burn! (G63, J76)

SP-249 Non-Stop Ghurkhas (G5, J4)

AP-89 To The Pain (G24, J30)

Overpaid, Oversexed and Over Here


FT-178 Niederburg Farmhouse (A10, G12)

DB-111 Flanking Hatten (A4, G4)

SP-29 Schloss Bubingen (A22, G27)


BFP-22 Speed Over Caution (A34, G37)

SP-147 The Zebra Mission (A25, G23)

WO-23 A Simple Solution (A9, G11)



TT-6 Fruit and Nuts (Australian 21, Japanese 16)

RPT-76 Duropa Plantation (A3, J5)

FrF-51 Bite of the Bassotto (NZ42, G53)


J-116 Brigade Hill (A51, J46)

RPT-83 Mile Peg 61 (A11, J15)

SP-23 Assault on The Hotel Continental (NZ19, G23)

Mussolini's Legions


ESG-102 More Pitchers Than Catchers (I5, Greek 5)

SP-242 Ciao Ghurkha Ciao! (I11, G6)

SP-275 The Battle of Mali Spadarit (I2, Greek 5)


J-130 The Art of Dying (I54, Russian 65)

J-162 African Brothers (I9, British 4)

PBP-22 Morire in Belleza (I52, Yugoslav 62)

Scenarios continued.....

Blitzkrieg in The West


ASL-143 Grebbe End (G17, Dutch 17)

TAC-51 Strength Through Unity (G60, Belgium 55)

OB-3 Brasche Encounter (G10, French 15)


OA-26 Vogt's Ritterkreuz (G16, Dutch 20)

SP-34 Frankforce (G34, British 39)

J-68 Unlucky Thirteen (G40, British 40)

Bushido - Way of The Warrior


RPT-74 Saigon Shuffle (J3, British / French 5)

SP-125 Nunshigum (J52, Ghurkha 43)

YASL-5 Patrols on The Trail To Hell (J2, American 1)


AP-55 The Generalissimo's Own (J52, Chinese 51)

BFP-48 Ninth Tanks (J12, A12)

BFP-30 Melee Near the Coast (J54, Ch61)

Blitzkrieg Monster Mini

Round 1

BFP-114 Engineering Defeat (G11, Polish 14)

BoF-2 A Polish Requiem (G24, P27)

SP-158 The Fond Dagot Drag-Out (G7, French 7)

Round 2

BFP-124 The Tanks of Warsaw (G4, P5)

GD-1 La Guerre Finie!! (G10, F14)

ASL-79 Bridge of The Seven Planets (G45, F44)

Kursk 75th Anniversary Monster Mini

Round 1

SP-181 The Elefant of Surprise (G28, R32)

SP-232 The Krutoy Log Roll (G2, R2)

BFP-82 Steamroller (G21, R24)

Round 2

FrF-23 Elefants Unleashed (G55, R55)

ASL-132 Hill 253.5 (G7, R10)

BFP-101 Panzer Spirit (G36, R34)