BFB Tournament Rules

Bounding Fire Blackpool - Tournament Rules

· General Etiquette

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building

Drinking is definitely NOT prohibited but please be mindful of equipment in rooms, and people concentrating on playing games

Please avoid noisy conversations near to games which are in play

Strictly no "kibitzing" unless expressly agreed by both players involved in the game

· General Tournament Rules

Dice towers or appropriate alternatives must be used

IFT is the default. IIFT may be used if both players agree

The tournament uses the official ASL 2nd Edition rules including all current errata

Tournament Directors will NOT adjudicate on rules disputes

Late scenario arrivers (just in case)

§ 10-20 minutes late - Forfeit choice of scenario

§ 20-30 minutes late - Forfeit choice of side

§ 30+ minutes late - Forfeit scenario

· Main Tournament - Special Rules

Format will be groups of four, randomly drawn, three games per group. Group winners will contest semi finals (randomly drawn again). Consequent winners will compete in the final. This is potentially subject to change (depending on numbers).

In the event of a tie at the end of the group games, the winner will be decided on the basis of count back where possible or, failing that, on the sum of Crusader Ladder points earned, highest wins.

Due to the special nature of the five scenarios being utilised there may be rare occasions where a specific SW/Counter is not available to the players. I urge players to please use their initiative in how to handle this. For example a standard Germany 3-8MG can easily be substituted for a German 2-7MG.

Timescales will be confirmed before each scenario to be played. 

The morning (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) scenarios are relatively straightforward affairs and must finish by the set time. 

There will be strict restrictions placed on setup times (for both attacker and defender). Any counters not down at the end of the time period are considered to have "not arrived at the front".

The afternoon (Friday and Saturday) scenarios will have an end time. However, with the agreement of both players (prior to game start), finish times are more flexible. Scenarios MUST be finished on the day though. In the event both players are happy to waive the finish time then setup times become flexible.

Sides are chosen in the standard way. Both players make a secret choice for sides. Only in the event of a tie are sides chosen by dice roll with the 'losing' player receiving the balance.

A 30 minute warning will be issued prior to scenario end time.

In the event of the scenario not ending on time players are encouraged to agree on the victor. If they cannot then the following applies:-

Players will individually have 60 seconds to "make their case".

An adjudication panel consisting of Martin Mayers, Simon Staniforth, and Pete Phillips will then study the situation and secretly vote to choose a winner. Their decision is final.

· The Minis - Special Rules

Time rulings above apply

Scenario choice and sides will be decided in the standard way 

Both players secretly choose their scenario to discard

They secretly then choose their preferred and second preference scenario

If both choose the same preferred scenario then that one is chosen with balance decided as per the main tournament rules above.

If players choose different scenarios then make the final choice by random dr. Winner gets scenario choice, loser gets balance.