Thanks to all who attended, the 2019 winners are as follows

Bounding Fire Winner                        Craig Benn

(Diorama and Onslaught To Orsha)

Bounding Fire Runner Up                   Matt Ellis

(Onslaught To Orsha)

Bounding Fire 3rd Place                     Ian Ainsworth

(£25 Second Chance Games voucher)

Group Winners                                    Craig Benn

(Quick Six 2 scenario pack)                 Matt Ellis   

                                                      Neil Brunger

                                                      Ian Ainsworth

Battleschool Minis 

War in The East                                   Ian Morris

D-Day and The Battle For France        Matt Ellis

Weekend Minis                                    Joe Arthur

(Battleschool Dice)                             Paul Legg

                                                      Martin Vicca                                         

Death To Fascism 2 scenario - Five To One 

Finnish Winner                                    Toby Pilling

(March Madness Double-Blind scenario pack donated by Ian Morris)   

Snake Eyes                                          Joe Arthur

Box Cars                                              Joe Arthur

(Commemorative Sniper models donated by Ian Willey)